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 JP Motors


Our products

Custom designed and customized engines and parts from JPM:


JPM Wasp Street & Strip Header

JPM Push Rod Tube

JPM MS250 Head

JPM MS230 Head 

JPM Rocker Arms

JPM Raptor Cam 

JPM Billet Roller Cam 

JPM Push Rods


See more products under "Products"

JPM - Designing engines world-wide

JPM was founded in 1995 in Helsingborg, Sweden, and since then we have been designing, constructing and delivering racing engines all over the world. We work with all brands, but have chosen to specialize on Ford, VW, BMW and Volvo.



We constantly develop new products for increased performance and reliability.

Our latest product: MS 250 cylinder head. Read more

jpm ms 250


The person behind JPM is Johannes Persson. Engines and engine design has been one of my greatest passions, as well as my occupation, for more than 20 years!


Call +46(0)42 - 15 08 09 or send an email to for more information!


J P Motorsport AB

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