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 JP Motors


The site is under construction and will be updated shortly.



JPM Wasp Street & Strip Header

JPM Push Rod Tube 

JPM MS250 Cylinder Head
JPM MS230 Cylinder Head
JPM Rocker Arms
JPM Raptor Cams
JPM Billet Roller Cam
JPM Push Rods
JPM OTEVA 75 Valve Spring
JPM Retainers
JPM Raptor Venturies
JPM Raptor Stacks IDA
JPM Prime cover kit

JE Pistons

JPM F1 Roller Throttle Bodies

JPM Billet Cylinder
JPM T-shirts


 JPM Alternator Race Kit
Kit includes: Micro one lead alternator 12V/55amp also available at 16V.
Anodized billet alu bracket. Crank pully with custom bolt, washer and belt.

Price: 5.395 SEK

 JPM Cylinder 92-94mm
JPM Cylinder 92-94mm (121mm long, up to 105mm OD). New stronger design, made out of same properties cast iron as in Volvo and Scania truck engine case.
Now available. 7.995 SEK

 JPM King Cover Cast Alu Valve Cover
Now available. Price 1.875 sek / 2 pcs


king cover

King Cover with machined O-ring groove and stainless steel bail.

King Cover

To scratch the King Cover as little as possible, put the screwdriver like this when securing the bail.

king cover
Some heads have a casting knob that has to be removed to fit the King Cover properly.

king cover

The bail mounting hole is drilled differently from head type to head type. If tension in bail should be too loose, make a bend as shown in the picture and tension is increased.



 JPM Wasp Street & Strip Header 


JPM and CSP teamed up to develop a revolutionary exhaust system for strip and street use!


The main features are:

- three step header for imporved volumetric efficiency

- adjustable header pipes for every engine width

- matching megaphone, creating strong suction over wide rpm range

- matching muffler for street use is afoot

- computer simulated design

- 2 years of development on dyno

- track tested

- for Beetles with Type 1 engines

- 3 different sizes available- stainless steel

- fits stock engine tin

- fits without body modifications


wasp street and strip header wasp street and strip header



Wasp 1: €740

Wasp 2: €810

Wasp 3: €910

Megaphone: €165 




 JPM Push rod tube

Push rod tubes with big id, developped to clearence our 7075 billet dual taper push rod. Precision machined in high quality aluminum with dual Viton o-rings.

Multiple o-ring groves makes it possible to reduce overall length. 


jpm push rod tube


Price: 2.150 SEK / 8 pcs



 JPM MS250 Head


Bore size: 94mm/4"(4" six stud)

Valve size: 48x38mm
Rockers: two/five stud
Chamber cc. 94mm: aprox 37, 4" aprox 40
Flow at 25" H2O: In 255cfm Ex 180cfm
Flow at 28" H2O: In 270cfm Ex 190cfm
Valve spring: OTEVA75/K800 size
Manifold: Angle Flow
Retainer: Titanium
Valves: Manley ss.

MS250 MS250
MS25045 MS250


94 mm bore: 31.495 Complete pair

4" bore: 34.995 SEK Complete pair

 MS230 Head

MS230 has up to 50% more cooling area than other types of cylinder heads such as SF and CE, and 15% more than standard casting.
Our MS 230 cylinder heads are made of Alloy 356 heat treated T6 quality (100-110 Brinell), and comes with 48x38mm Manley Type 4 valves, dual valve springs OTEVA 75, JPM Titanium Retainers, and alubronze valve seats.
The combustion chamber is 60cc to 65cc 94mm bore and 4 "bore.
MS230 is primarily developed for street use, but can of course also be used for full race engines for the best results.




 94 mm bore: 25.125 SEK

4" bore: 31.425 SEK

More l Images


 JPM Rocker Arms


JPM rockers are forged in Orvar Supreme steel and subjected to further heat treatment. In ratio 1,45-1,60:1. The shaft is 20mm diameter and made ​​from heat-treated tool steel. The adjusting screw is made of heat-treated H13 steel.

jpm rocker arms



2 bolts: 9.995 SEK l 5 bolts: 12.395 SEK

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 Raptor Cams


JPM is proud to offer the latest in CNC camshaft design. We work with the latest software when designing the valve lift curve. Custom-made profiles are also available.





Price: 5495 SEK

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 Billet Roller Cam

billet roller cam

Price on request



 Push Rods


7075 billet dual taper push rod.

Length: 303mm. Diameter: 9-12-9mm. Internal diameter: 5mm.

Thanks to the large outer diameter, the rigidity can be compared to the common 3/8" steel PR

rocker arms

Price: 8 push rods with ends: 2.995 SEK

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 OTEVA 90 Valve Springs


OTEVA 90 Valve springs are our own valve spring that was developed in conjunction with our MS230 head.
The springs are produced based on OTEVA 90 material.

valve springs


Price: 1.895 SEK

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jpm retainers

Price alumec: 1.425 SEK | Price titanium: 1.850 SEK

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 Raptor Venturies

raptor venturies raptor venturies

Raptor Venturies: 2.995 SEK



Certificate of Incorporation


This product is protected by design.

certificate jpm certificate protected by design

The Raptor Venturie will rise the performance of your IDA without bore them to 51mm. If your IDA is choking your engine, the Raptor Venturie is a good improvement or if you want the top end perormance from a big venturie and still good driveabillity you can go one step smaller with the Raptors. Flow improves with 19 cfm changing from a std 42mm to a 42mm Raptor venturie.They are also available for 51mm IDAs



1. Remove the lid of your IDA, pull out the acc jets, aux venturies and main venturies.
2. Make sure that the guide pin on the Raptor venturies is centered in the grove in the carb house.
3. Lubricate the o-rings and gently slide the venturi down till it stops.
4. Reinstall the acc jets and put the lid back on.


Jet recommendations


Venturi size 38 - 40mm 42 - 44mm





Idle screw

Pump valve

60 - 70

F20 / F2

170 - 180

150 - 170

0.75 – 1.5 turn from closed


65 - 70

F20 / F2

170 - 180

180 - 185

0.75 – 1.5 turn from closed




Third prog. hole is recommended.

It is strongly recommended to jet the carb on dyno with A/F meter installed.


Download instructions for 38 - 40mm
Download instructions for 42 - 44mm




 Raptor Stacks IDA

raptor stacks ida

2.345 SEK




 Prime cover kit


With Prime Cover Kit from JPM you get immediate oil pressure without pulling the engine (cranking).

prime cover kit

Price: 1.095 SEK

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 JE Pistons

Our custom-made VW pistons with les weight and friction.

JE Pistons

Price: Decided on order.

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 F1 Roller Throttle Bodies


Probably the ideal throttle body design! Our F1 Throttle Body is made in a 5-axis CNC machine.

Throttle body


Price: Decided on order

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 JPM Billet Cylinder


JPM billet cylinder is made from cast iron with a very solide structure. The material is commonly used for hydraulic cylinders with pressures that never is experienced in a combustion engine. The choise of material prevents the cylinder to expand too much and therefor the valve lash is still controlable when engine is hot.

A common problem when stepping up to 94mm bore is big crank case breathing. The crank case breathing is because of a not circular cylinder, too deep releases i for the head studs makes the cylinder like a square when torqued. Too big difference in material thickness causes the cylinder to deform when torqued. JPM billet cylinder has a very even thickness and therefor it is perfectly round when torqued to specification. The OD of cylinder at top is made bigger(102mm 4.015") than std(101.1mm 3.98").

jpm billet cylinder jpm billet cylinder

Call for price

JPM T-shirts

jpm t-shirt jpm t-shirt
jpm t-shirt jpm t-shirt

190 SEK


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